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Jsoull's News

Posted by Jsoull - March 5th, 2019


Cooking skills won't be enough to get 'em out of this one.


Progress on MAX: 2 is going well, I've been working with MatterOfTime on 3D assets and scenes for the movie. Tbh, the 3D stuff has been in the works for a very long time but now I will finally get to show it off. Besides that, I plan to release a trailer/preview once the movie hits the halfway milestone. For now, here's some sexy snips of some 3D tests that have been rendered in flash.



Keep your eyes peeled for more sexy peeks. ♥‿♥


Posted by Jsoull - January 9th, 2019

5691696_154701343313_Memed.png"Butt I need to go kill Yellow."


Posted by Jsoull - January 1st, 2019


Unfathomable Terror.


Posted by Jsoull - December 22nd, 2018


It's that time of the year again.

(Image by Matter Of Time)

Howdy folks! Although College is eating away at my soul, all of the outstanding fan art I've been sent today has greased the gears of my motivation to a whole new level. Here's some of the sexy stuff I've been sent by you beautiful people, thanks to everybody who's gone out of their way to make these for me on such short notice!


Created By - Doici


Created By - Eviltroto

5691696_154552631343_DachiFn.pngCreated By - Dachi


Created By - JollyBag

5691696_154552640732_DarkministerFN1.pngCreated By - Darkminister


Created By - Kote

5691696_154552652852_THIS_IS_A_MISTAKE.pngCreated By - Banthuatha

5691696_154552669783_unknown6.pngCreated By - NK64


Thanks again to all of u sexy boys for the support, my motivation tanks have been filled to the max and are ready to burst!  I'll drop a few more Kool bits before the end of the year, Happy Holidays to all of u If I don't make a Christmas post in time!  (◕‿-)


Thanks to OmenaKettu for doin' this commission 4 me, we need more christmas cheer around here!



Posted by Jsoull - December 17th, 2018


" Blood on the Tarmac "


" Teeth on the rooftops "


" The end of all we know "

Ahem, It's been a while since my last post, so I thought It'd give a small update on what I'm working on. My current focus, (Besides College), has been Maxification 2 and all of the insane shit that goes along with it. I intend to obliterate the expectations of what the vast majority of peeps expect from a Madness 'Toon, playing it safe doesn't cut it around here anymore. I'm getting some slight outside assistance by a few animator bois I know, but 90% of the movie shall be of my own creation, as it is my final gift to the community that I've loved for years. I am planning on making a Christmas post to show some fun stuff, but you never know when real life comes knockin' at the door to fuck with all of your plans. Only time will tell!


Posted by Jsoull - October 22nd, 2018

5691696_154024465652_abaddon_pumpkin.jpgBWAHAHAHAHAHAH! "

" I, Abbadon the Pumpkin King, have taken the throne of the objectively best holiday! "


Thanks to Cryono for being a super KKKool guy and making this for me, I absolutely love it!



Posted by Jsoull - October 6th, 2018


Since these'll probably never be released by anybody else, here they are!

FLA: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/66feefbe0b9ae96094f0f51e783c0393

SWF: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/902962df833358f210f913624e16e5fa

Special thanks to Cethic for cleaning up the Library a bit, and to ShootThaCheese for the masked one-eyes!



Posted by Jsoull - October 2nd, 2018

Since the MD winners finally got announced, I thought it'd be fun to show you all some fun events that occured in the Paradigmadness 2 server throughout the collab's development. Sit down and grab a drink, 'cuz it's a doozy.

5691696_153850821412_First.pngHere was one of the first announcements in the server, just about a year ago. It's kinda wierd to think that the group has existed for that long, but whatever. This was back when I was my jolly 'ol self, thinking that the majority of those I trusted would stick with the collab once they joined. I was wrong.

Case in point, here's what the "Scene Map" looked like when the collab started out-

5691696_153850845592_Paradig2map.pngThings started well, but then everything went to hell.

5691696_153850849631_Map2.pngEven with the final version of the map I made, you can see some pretty big differences compared to the final product. Collab members bailing also didn't help my mental stability, as over the course of a year I went from being mildly paranoid to irreperably psychopathic.

My descent into insanity can be seen in the examples below:





I will never mentally recover.


Posted by Jsoull - September 28th, 2018


Let's get started!

These won't be an any kind of order, I'll just rate the most notable ones. Also, I'm only reviewing MOVIES here, games ain't gonna be seen on this list.


WhiteHank 2 Collab: Holy shit. This ended up blowing away my expectations, giving Paradig 2 some damn-strong competition this year. The scenes flowed like butter, and each animator on the team had something special to show. There was never a dull moment, and the "Boss Fight" at the end is a true spectacle that's never seen often in Madness. I hope this one'll go down with most as one of the best collabs in years, because it damn-well deserves it.



Kilroy Madness 2: A damn fine but unfortunetly short sequel to one of last year's only good entries. The WW2 style still holds strong, although I felt like it could've used a little extra "oomph" to some of the action. Even so, the visual storytelling is still on-point, and it deserves recognition for being a solid entry this year.



Unknown.swf: This one flew under my radar until MD, but I'm still glad I saw it. Even though the whole "Other Place/ Floating Islands" trend is getting out of hand, Thece tries to spice things up with new enemies and a big fat demon boi. While I believe that the more unique aspects were handled pretty well, the project needed more meat on the bones. I believe that Thece can build upon this as a foundation, and make some killer shit for next year. Until then, it's a decent entry that could've used more polish.



Madness Frankfurterfication: Another entry I didn't know about until the holiday hit, and yet another I don't regret watching. Taking a fun idea and running with it is the standard Madness formula, and this movie didn't disappoint. From what I've seen, there's some genuine effort and love put into this project, which I can really appreciate. The only thing holding it back from a higher score is the animation, which is unfortunetly stiff and not fluent at all. Movements don't chain together well, and the jerky flips and such really take away from the action. If the animation kinks were ironed out, this would be a classic for me.




Zero Hour 3: It's been a while since I've seen a solo project with THIS much meat on the bones, god damn. The amount of work put into this is stunning, and I think it really paid-off. Camera work and flow were fantastic, even if the story dragged a bit in places. VladClown's animation has improved significantly since his last entry, allowing for this movie to truly shine. Character sprites could use more work, but the background are on-point. The dialogue could've been made a big more visually pleasing, but it's not a big enough deal to cause any real issues. All of the years of work on this project really paid off and I'm excited to see where Vlad's next movie will take us.


8.5 - 9 /10

Trollslayer: I'm not really sure if this counts, but I'll put it here anyways. While visually distinct from all other sprite-based entries this year, I felt as if it needed more of a "Core". While the setting is capable of having some interesting kills and such, I believe this movie only scratched the surface its own potential. The animation feels a bit slow and sometimes lacks proper momentum/impact, but It's still pretty fun to watch with all of the unique visuals. I hope to see what Ismartal will have in store for next year, or if he even has an entry lined up.



Madness: REIMAGINATION: This one wins the "Most unused potential" award by far. While having an animation in  Cymb's art style is interesting, there's no true FBF except for the Kelzad scene. The rest is just tweened or even worse, still images with a panning camera. The whole movie lacked any real purpose at all, with such little meat on the bones it's hard to say what it's even trying to acomplish. In addition, the extremely short runtime doesn't allow the project to stretch its legs and ends up just feeling...rushed. While I'm usually a fan of Cymb's art, the visuals aren't nearly enough to carry the movie. The "Unused potential" comes from the fact that if the scenes were simply reorganized into chrononolgical order, it could have served as a simple "Introduction" to the GP Madness universe by showing where it takes place on the timeline, (Starting with MC2, MC4, MC7, ect and ending with Realm 4 or Abreaction). But as it stands now, it's just a tiny art compilation without any purpose. I really hope to see a project with more to offer from Cymb, but only time will tell.



Madness: Bodyless 4: I don't understand how these things keep showing up. I don't really want to offer the collab any criticism that has already been thrown at the whole "Bodyless" idea for years now, because I'm well-aware that nothing will change. While there were some experienced animators to give the collab a little life, the whole thing is just bogged down to the core. The WWII theme was seemingly slapped onto the project by the organizer to try and add some visual flare, but it's obviously tacked on. Madness Day deserves better.



CHASW.fla: A solo project way too short and way too reliant on other people's work to act as a foundation. Besides the whole STEALING SPRITES thing, the movie is animated well enough. However, the project limits itself by sticking to the "Other Place" formula, although the few attempts to break the mold are nice. Wait a moment, this sounds really familiar...



Anemia.fla: OH YEAH, maybe because these two are so similar to eachother. Pretty much everything I said about CHASW applies here, except for the stealing thing. While the length is a bit meatier, the animation is a step-down from its "Partner" animation. There's a few perspective shots that are great in concept, but aren't executed well enough to where they flow the right way. The custom sprites are very obviously of poor quality, which doesn't help the fact that this movie "Borrows" so much from others. This is yet another movie that handicaps its potential with self-imposed restrictions.



Madness: Shadows: I feel like I'm on "Repeat" today. I'm not even sure what the plan was for this one, It's unfathomably short without any reason to exist. Besides the decent spritework, this really should have been uploaded as a test to the dumping grounds. The action is lackluster, and nowhere near good enough to carry the project. Although the idea has the potential to be neat, this one didn't win me over.





This Madness Day was an objective improvement from the last. While we still got our "Filler" animations, there was loads of new talent that went into this year's submissions. Although the "Other Place" animations are getting way too numerous, some use the settting as a platform to buid really unique ideas that help the movie stand out. A number of collabs this year were lackluster, we've gotten to the point where "Clip Collabs" shouldn't be seen as acceptable anymore. Meanwhile, Paradigmadness 2 and White Hank 2 PROVE that collabs can be absolutely amazing, when they dedicate themselves to having an identity instead of random shit. The few good solo projects we got this year prove that the community still has some fight left in it, and I hope that MD 2019 will surpass my expectations.

Thanks for reading!


Posted by Jsoull - September 22nd, 2018






About Damn Time.

This year's been an odd one for sure, with all of the crazy bullshit goin' on and all. However, in the face of all odds I've managed to finish both Madness: Artifact, and Paradigmadness 2 on-time. I'm pretty proud of myself, although my time here isn't quite over yet. So for fun, I'll list the current MD submissions I've rated so-far once Madness Day is over. There's still some time to go, and I hope that I'll find a submission that puts up some decent competition.

And for this occasion, I've decided to do a MD2018 face reveal:


As one last bonus, here's my OC's spritesheet (Slightly Outdated, I'm a mess RN)

FLA: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/1cf1ad135ef2d1ce404ccae7e7d3e86f

SWF: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/28bb183242040df31b33ee2e851bb804

I love each and every one of you, I hope you never forget that ♥‿♥

- Jsoull, The Bully King