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I came in with low expectations, but was very impressed by the creativity on display here. Very good comedic choreography !

Gorgeous work on display here, with a successful focus on smaller-scale fights with far higher impact and fidelity. I'm so happy to see that you finally managed to release this after so long - continue on the path to glory !

Shadz64 responds:

I'll most certainly try, I just hope my second part to this will live up to what i did here.

An absolutely mouthwatering dish of creative choreography and ideas on display. Its always such a breath of fresh air to see how much you improve year-by-year, while others stagnate in the mud of mediocrity ! I adore the unique enemies that made their debut here, along with your ever-vigilant eye for creative kills.

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AV Is terrible. Might want to invest in a mic before doing more games buddy boi.

It has some promise, but it definitely needs some polish before it gets passed.

This legitimately could use some work, there are already 50 other sites where I can play a better version of pong.

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Quite delicious, can't wait for the solo to be done! ♥ ♥

A deliciously aggressive rendition of the Jailbreak 1 theme, perfectly fitting for a sequel which'll turn the action up to 11. You have my eyes on this project guys, go kick ass!

Rends the soul asunder. Minus half a star 'cuz the ending just cuts out without a fade/transition.

cheshyre responds:

Fair enough. I didn't spend the time to fade it. That's my bad.

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Great use of a limited set of colors!

Holy crap man, I love it ! I see my old ATP Recon guys from Artifact have made an appearance here too. Great composition as well, my only gripe is that Mag Hank didn't go into this fight swinging those meaty fists - such a puny pistol is inadequate in this engagement !

Compromisedart responds:

Glad you like it! I also thought when I finished it that the gun is a little puny but the next try it will be better ;)

Deliciously evil, so all is well.

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