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I'm a hardcore cyberbully who shows no mercy. I can also be the most sincere and thoughtful person you could ever meet. Try your luck.

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'I guess someone didn't like the free advertising.'

In regards to MAX 2, work has been going smoothly up until a few days ago. The project has reached the 13 minute mark a while ago and is well on its way to matching Paradigmadness 2 in terms of length. However, something incredibly disturbing and problematic has been brought to the attention of the community over the last few days, and I feel as If I need to clarify why this will affect the development of MAX 2. The reason as to why is known to most of the crew on discord, but to those who aren't aware - recent info has come to light that Cethic is a habitual zoophile who has physically abused animals. This news hits pretty hard for a lot of people, myself included - that looked up to Cethic as a huge source for inspiration when I was first getting into animation. As someone who's taken care of animals since a very young age I am left feeling incredibly disgusted by what's been revealed, along with a deep feeling of betrayal knowing that someone I considered to be an idol has fallen to a level of depravity that makes him less than human.


This short feature by Kryy/Raff helps explain the situation in more detail, if you have the stomach for it.

Somehow the Madness Community seems to attract the worst of people, and it further cements the fact that you can't trust any 'Idol' you meet on the internet without actually knowing them. Cethic was originally planned to have some creative contributions to MAX 2, but now those are obviously going into the trash compactor where the rest of his career belongs. There is a problem however, I have already animated extensive scenes that follow Cethic's character after the Residential Sector battle. All parts featuring him were entirely finished animation-wise before any of this information was known to myself or the public, and now I'm put in a rather awkward position on how to continue. Rather than scrapping several months worth of work due to something entirely outside of my knowledge or control, I'll compensate his scenes remaining in the film by ensuring he suffers a gruesome and dishonorable death - and from there removing him from the rest of the movie.


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