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I'm a hardcore cyberbully who shows no mercy. I can also be the most sincere and thoughtful person you could ever meet. Try your luck.

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"I'm fine, I sit, and after a minute and a half something is irritating me."

I mean you can always change sprites i dunno

If that was a viable solution, It'd already be done.

This. Is... Precisely what I think of humanity and society, it is batsh*t crazy and you are left to not trust one living being, therefore you contemplate on if it is even worth trying to trust any "fRiEnDs" as they might turn out the same! At least we have people like you who have an actual brain and can function without being in a sick, twisted habit that ruins your life because... Having the brain you got, mr bully king, YOU ACTUALLY USE IT AND TURN INTO ONE OF THE SMARTER AND BETTER, this is why I adore every day of being your fan, because you are worth it. Because you are not some sick sh*t. And you disagree with those twisted ways because they are the way to get you to turn into a worthless piece of sh*t who everyone will hate. Your reasonable and admiring fan, Pr0ject-s0ul

@DeronMadness hello everyone today its a video to talk about my sprites

alright then

"....you die in real life."

@TarrakaSchprichwort he will get what he deserve

Judge not the work regarding the person. You can praise one's work and personally be disgusted by him. Don't let it interfere on your ongoing project.

That's the current plan.

Greetings! Just hoping we've all recovered from temporary depression at the recent news! *bows to the bully king*

Hope you are all doing better than me, check my latest news for specifics. Oh and mr bully king... Thank you for giving me hope... It means a lot

Oh and by the way, I'm certain I can give you my trust mr bully king.... You are pure... There is no way you could be twisted

Man, don't scrap scenes, just make them as grusome as possible in the ones he is

As someone that love the animals and I have my chihuahua with me right now I feel disgusted ALL HAIL THE BULLY KING