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Madness Day - 2021

Posted by Jsoull - 1 month ago


"I Crave the Flesh of Weak Animators."

Promo-Art by DREADMAN

It would seem another year has passed me by, and now here we are again at our wonderful little holiday. While I'm going to break the ice and admit that while I have no animation projects to release for today, I have spent quite a while giving some of my friends a helping hand with their own projects, namely Zapchon with CringeHank Collab and Darksignal with Cinemadness: Subjugation.


Elsewise, I would like to announce that I am now fully committing to getting MAXIFICATION: 2 out the door by next year. This is of course, prone to change if due to some unforeseen and cruel circumstances - but hopefully the world holds itself together long enough so that I can complete my masterwork. As for development of the movie itself, I recently mentioned that the film has surpassed 15 minutes - but development has a lot more going on behind the scenes than just breaking my F6 key and pumpin' frames. After the shitstorm in June, I've been been scouting for a new musician to take Fleetwire's place after he unmade his existence - and I've settled on some folks who I genuinely believe will bring the best of their talent to the table.

Furthermore, I will be releasing a 6+ hour compendium of Fleetwire's entire discography, including several unreleased materials. Since you can't find his stuff anywhere now that literally all of his accounts are deleted, I feel like it's my responsibility to save all of his music from the void.


A work-in-progress snippet for those who wanted a little more satisfaction this Madness Day.

I'm currently animating the Security Block sequence, after which there are 5 more set-pieces until the end. My plans tend to always change as I'm working on the scenes, as they tend to never end how I thought they would, but as long as people enjoy them that's what I think matters most. If each set-piece continues at their pace of being about 5 minutes each, the movie is set to be around 25-45 minutes. I am incredibly optimistic about my progress thanks to the help of some folks, all of which have earned an honest thanks from me.

As always, I'll be releasing a Madness-Day Review to go over all the main movie submissions, but if there's a lot this year I might need an extra day or two. In the meantime, I hope everybody enjoys Madness Day - Leave no survivors.




Comments (14)

where max 2...,

may the stars align just so we can see max2 on md22

Each masterpiece takes its time to be finished, good luck with the last installment man, I can't wait to see what you've been implying these years.

I will ensure it is worth the hefty wait.

As you can see Cethic suffers gruesome and dishonorable death:)

Newgrounds has an incredibly passive-aggressive relationship with gifs, so if the animation doesn't play there it ain't on me.

Like i always say, this is gonna be BRUTAL in every way possible! >:D

thank you for the crediting shawty

Waiting for both the fleetsus discography and max2, will definitely be a great movie once it gets out

happy madness day c; good luck with max

Thanks for unvoiding the fleetwire work! gl on max2!

Happy madness day to you. You... Are absolutely fucking amazing (who the fuck am I kidding your THE bully king of course you're amazing). You need a massive fucking vacation once max 2 is released, it's almost too necessary (seriously tho). Meanwhile I'm making a written madness series that's more than "some guy walks into a room and kills everyone". Ps, I wish apon you a good day.

Thank you very much for your kind words.

Correction for me: you're* (I need to turn off autocorrect lol)


Keep up the solid work on Max:2, masterpieces and in general projects take time and patience and can't be rushed, best of wishes to you and to finishing the behemoth that is Max:2 and hoping nothing terrible happens to you or the project itself over the remainder of the course of it's development.

Go big and knock it out of the theoretical ball park, Jsoull.

I love everything you do man.I wish you all the best stuff for you and your surroundings,you work that you put throughout the community is heartwarming to me.Let the bullying never stops.