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9/10 for gibb50 feet

The yearly review with Jsoull

good review,and yea,this year suprise me alot with most of the project being pep solos,good year

Compared to 2017, this year was a godsend.

You missed your opinion on Dance Moment

You missed your opinion on Dance Moment

Look, next we'll do better on the VA, I will say as much.
It wasn't easy too, pulling this off without spending bunch of money on a professional VAs. We were trying our best to have proper cast, but like you are hinting at, people weren't really interested. If I can speak for Blackhole, this wasn't a project mainly based around being famous in the end, this was created because it was a goal - to create a good looking movie with a voice acting.
But still thank you for criting it fairly

I think the project overall was pretty damn enjoyable, my issue with the voice acting really wasn't the fact that it was all "bad", just that I personally don't like voice acting with full character dialogue in Madness toons. I think for what you guys had, you did a damn fine job though. That mech scene had me raise an eyebrow.

thanks for the feedback! i knew my movie had flaws and finally someone picked up on it

I think you can do some pretty awesome things with the style, 'ye just gonna iron out the flaws and do something really bold with it.

I'm glad you liked Madness Diluvium it's good to know that there were people who liked the animation, we will be working hard for the next chapter together with Rainbow. Even so, you forgot to comment on Dance Moment, another project in which good artists gave love!

I'm sorry, there were so many damn submissions and I ran out of image space on the post !! I'll try to leave direct reviews on the ones I missed in the coming days.

Honest reviews ngl.

This madness day was sooo epic!
I'm so honor with everyone!

What about my collab ;-;

good review

Ok to be honest, we must beware oof da CEO of Bullying so we better careful

Nice review

Damn, it's sad that you skipped deimos is dead, would have been cool to hear your opinion and stuff, but nevertheless, nice review, that sums up everything pretty nicely

I'll leave a personal review on it later, for now 'ye must leave my fingers to rest.


Honestly, when I just started to animate this, I thought it would be easy to draw characters just with outline drawing. But the further, the more it became clear to me that some things are broken. Anyway, near the end I've even started to understand how the drawn humans should look roughly. Wish I could have few bonus days to fix this. And thank you for the review! :)

I'm glad you are willing to experiment with such an out-there idea, keep up the practice and next MD you'll have Krinkles on his knees with fear.

@Jsoull damn, alright, sure, rest, lad

Thanks for your honest opinion,my main mistake on all of this was that I worked really enthusiastic on a project I wasn't really proud and interested,at the ending I gave up very quickly with a lot of work done,thing that kinda wasted my time and energys I could gave to another projects I had more interest and enthusiasm to work on,the point of uploading this movie as it is nowdays is a way to document what could've my first movie and show the results to that tiny group of peeps who were interested on it. Without anything else to say thank you very much for your criticism and I will try to improvise and bring better quality content in the future.

Try to stick with the project 'till the end, 'ye don't want to have all of that effort go to waste, especially when it was lookin' so good.

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