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Jsoull's News

Posted by Jsoull - January 22nd, 2018


Don't tell Krinkles!!!!!!!!5691696_151659770323_ParadigspoilerFinal.png


Posted by Jsoull - January 8th, 2018

Watch out kiddos!





Posted by Jsoull - December 22nd, 2017

No gift will ever top this:


Special thanks to by Sempai Gibb50 for creating this masterpiece!

Original Link: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/gibb50/mister-roboto

Posted by Jsoull - December 20th, 2017

Hey there Kiddos!

As usual, I'm working on several projects at once. Top priority right now is obviously Paradig 2, with the unnamed solo project afterwards being second, and Maxification 2 to follow suit. But after those 3, I'm out of here kids! Until then, I've made it my personal mission to make this community a slightly more enjoyable place to be around. For this, I've commissioned Omenakettu to make a big happy christmas get-together! At this time of the year, we should all put away our feeble differences and arguments to enjoy the holidays in peace:



I WOULD end the post here, but I said I'd give more updates on Paradig 2 this month, and so I shall.

Since the last update, things have been going SOMEWHAT as planned. Exterior forces work against the greater good, but I'm determined to finish this not only for myself, but for the community that I genuinely love. The only real problem I've run into was one particular member dropping out. While this in of itself wouldn't be too much of a big deal for a collab with members in the double-digits, this particular collaborator was one of the greater inspirators that lead me to joining this community as an animator in the first place. So for him to drop from the collab was a real heart-breaker for me, but I'm not giving up my plans. His slot is now taken by another member and the collab shall continue accordingly. The collab's release date is currently set for the 4th of July, and I hope to keep it that way. Besides that, here's some snippets of some goodies that will be in Paradig 2:





Happy Holidays Kids! Remember to spread some positive cheer!

EDIT: It's also my birthday today on the 22nd, so there's that.



Posted by Jsoull - December 19th, 2017


The true battle begins.

btw, my birthday is on the 22nd if any of you wanted to make me anything ;)

Posted by Jsoull - December 9th, 2017


Posted by Jsoull - November 30th, 2017


Oh yes.

Hello there, fellow animators and others! As you may have read above, this is an announcement for the Paradigmadness 2 collab! This is a project I've wanted to work on ever since I took my first steps around here, and  my dream has come true! The first Paradigmadness is one of the most influencial animations that inspired me to become an active member of this community, and now I wish to return the favor. For not only have I already gathered some of the best talent of Madness, (Cethic, Gabriel, ect.), but we've got aproval from the original creator of ParadigmandnessAlpha Nuva himself!


And with his blessing, our collab is now official!


As the collab host, I'll make absolutely certain that his blessing won't go to waste.The collab won't follow the original plan for Paradig 2, (Paradig 2 was originally more like RTM 3),  It shall instead fill the gap in-between Paradig 1 and RTM 2. The current release date is unset, but expect more information in December. The collab will also be, (To my knowlage), the first collab to have a unified art-style that doesn't restrict the creativity of it's users. I decided on this because of Paradig 1's jarring moments when the eye-dudes were constantly changing their appearance.

Here are our current members below:


Yes indeed, that is Miccool, creator of MicMadness from 2011! Both him And Awez will be handling the Collab's FBF intro and outro respectively!

Here's some custom weapon sprites I've created for the collab below as well:


And with that, I wish you a good night!

Header Image by BöRKman


I'm not accepting any other members, stop spamming my DM's kids. 

Posted by Jsoull - October 31st, 2017

After many hardships, Jailbreak is finally finished! Thanks to everybody who stuck with the project, despite some BUMPS in the road!  Special thanks to Cethic for some last-minute music-making!




Posted by Jsoull - October 28th, 2017


If the collab doesn't get released on Halloween, remember to bully @Kreepah for being a lazy faggot.

Posted by Jsoull - September 22nd, 2017

Happy Madness Day, my fellow animators! As you can probably tell, I sadly have no projects to post on this glorious day. HOWEVER,  I do have updates on the several projects I am working on, along with a super-secret sprites pack. But first, PROJECT UPDATES!

1. JailBreak Collab

I have picked up the collab that @Kenamii had left to rot, brought everybody back together and now It's currently going along rather smoothly. Unlike most madness collabs, this project actually has a coherent plot and sequence of events that form a proper narative. The current planned release date is this Halloween, so get ready for a spook-tacular collab!


2. Maxification 2

It's safe to say that my ambitions for MAX: 2 have grown to a point where it has gone far beyond my original intentions. I originally planned for the project to just be a re-tread of MAX: 1, but with more well-known OC's. During very early production however, I began to realize that Maxification 2 could become something much more unique and wholesome to the community. As my aspirations for this project rise, so do my own personal standards for my work. I want to post-pone development on MAX: 2 until I can reliably pull-off what I wish to acomplish, but It will definitely be worth the wait. I have the sequence of events all planned out, now it just comes down to applying them with my own limitations as an animator, along with the technical limitations of flash. I will talk more about what I plan for it at a later date, but I will say that I plan one more prequel animation to MAX: 2 that will set up a lot of threads which shall be picked up later. If I was to ever work on one last project for this community, this would be it.


3. Project: R.A.I.D

Dead in the water, at least until I have some strange drive to finish it. R.A.I.D was supposed to be released all the way back on April 1st of this year, but that obviously didn't happen. I have had all of my parts finished since late febuary, but my collab partner has taken all the way up until just a month ago to deliver me his final scene. This is a bit of a problem, as R.A.I.D's main driving point was playing on the really stupid micro-drama between me and Cethic at the time. Seeing as that happened all the way back in early January, It would be odd of me to druge up something so petty, and it would just make it look like I was flinging mud for no reason. Besides that, all my drive for the project died several months ago, and my animation and sprite making skills have improved significantly since then, so it just feels a bit wierd to go back to something so archaic. If time doesn't lend well to RAID, I'll either slap together a quick ending or just release all the parts until then into a short movie.


4. TTT Realm Map

I'm creating a TTT map for Gmod, It'll be finished within a few months probably.



You made it all the way here huh? That means you get the GRAND PRIZE!


"Oh boi"

Several months ago, @Seancglover contacted me for a commission to create 3 new sets of Masked Man sprites. Since this was before public opinion of him was overwelmingly negative, I initially jumped at the opritunity to work with a man so close to the PN:2 team. He insisted I would be paid for the sprite sheets,(I never asked to be paid), once the sprites were completed. Once they were finished, I sent them to him, and he paid for a fifth of what we agreed upon, saying that he would pay the rest later. This would be fine and dandy, until he recently blocked me on all channels after accusing me of being "In" on those who are against him, although I've been a neutral party throughout the entire drama.



Anyways, due to me not being paid in full, (Nor having any obligation torwards keeping these sprites unreleased), and Sean not even allowing myself the dignity to defend against his accusation, here's all 3 sets I've created!



SWF(Flash 8):http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/cfaf8e3c2782523ce77b2a8c9c0ad7db

Do whatever you want with them I guess, you don't have to credit me for tests and shit, but just don't say that you made 'em yourself.

With all of that out of the way, HAPPY MADNESS DAY EVERYBODY!