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Jsoull's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 65 (From 19 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 680 Points

MAKE IT as an Artist

Medals Earned: 2/12 (10/400 points)

Prison Cell with a View 5 Points

Why do I punish myself?

Time to Make It! 5 Points

Play "Make it as an Artist"

NG Easter Eggs

Medals Earned: 1/12 (10/120 points)

TomFulp's Halloween Candy 10 Points

Visit Tom on Halloween.

NG's 20th Anniversary Collab

Medals Earned: 24/33 (120/380 points)

A-Bot 5 Points

from the Audio Portal

Alien Hominid 5 Points

from Alien Hominid

Beebo 5 Points

from BEEBO

Bitey 5 Points

from the Brackenwood series

Blockhead 5 Points

from Blockhead

Cat Face & Box Cat 5 Points

from Cat Face

Chocolate Man & Cripple Boy 5 Points

from Nameless

Detective Nwar 5 Points

from NWAR

Eva 5 Points

from Miss Dynamite

Fernando 5 Points

from the Greasy Moose series

Foamy 5 Points

from the Neurotically Yours series

Hank 5 Points

from the Madness series

Icky 5 Points

from the No Evil series

Jerry 5 Points

from Jerry

Kenstar 5 Points

from Girlchan in Paradise

Kerrigan 5 Points

from Kerrigan and the Frog, etc.

Larry 5 Points

from LARRY

Leo & Satan 5 Points

from Leo & Satan

Pico 5 Points

from Pico's School

Salad Fingers 5 Points

from Salad Fingers

Tankgirl 5 Points

from Newgrounds

Time Fcuk 5 Points

from Time Fcuk

Zoe 5 Points


ZONE-tan 5 Points

from ZTV News

Orange Roulette

Medals Earned: 2/8 (100/265 points)

Harmer's Market 50 Points

You Shot Your Opponent!

You Would Have Never Known 50 Points

You Spun the Cylinder When You Would Have Been Shot


Medals Earned: 7/13 (85/240 points)

Gun 5 Points

Obtain the Gun.

Halo 5 Points

Obtain the Halo.

Sword 5 Points

Obtain the Sword.

Sinner 10 Points

Disobey 10 different commands.

Warrior 25 Points

Kill 25 Executioners.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Road of the Dead

Medals Earned: 2/24 (20/1,000 points)

Gunslinger 10 Points

Shoot an enemy off your hood with the pistol

Hydroficial Intelligence 10 Points

Use a water jug to put off your burning engine

Road of the Dead 2

Medals Earned: 1/25 (25/1,000 points)

Gun Slinger 25 Points

Weaken a hood grappling zombie with 1 weapon, then quickly switch to another weapon to finish it off with one shot


Medals Earned: 3/4 (75/100 points)

Firestarter 25 Points

Escape the raptor

Gut Reaction 25 Points

Get past the triceratops

One Step Too Far 25 Points

Save the witch doctor


Medals Earned: 3/11 (20/380 points)

Ace of Spades 5 Points

Get a single spade in a spin

Too Wild 5 Points

Get two wilds in a single spin.

Three's Company 10 Points

Win with three hearts.