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Pre-MD Memo

Posted by Jsoull - September 21st, 2020

Another year, another chance for MD to either impress or disappoint. Following the disaster that was 2017's MD, the following 2 years have steadily gotten better to a degree, at least in terms of new solo projects instead of a clusterfuck of shitty ass collabs. I'm going to be posting a shitload of media and goodies regarding MAX 2, along with another sample of the OST, so there's that to look forward to at least. There were lots of up-and-coming animators that tried to get done solo projects in-time for this MD, but as usual 90% of them fell through or just missed the target date, hopefully such efforts won't go to waste and we can still see the projects completed at a later time.

As I have with the last few years, I'll be making a big overview post of all the (watchable!) film submissions for this MD, rating them in no particular order - yet with the most objective of taste. I won't be reviewing 2-second test collab clips or shit you'd see posted to the dumping grounds on a bad day, because it's safe to assume nothing of value is lost if they're just left to be ignored. If 9.5 manages to come out on time, I will probably add it to the list for shits and giggles / seeing how it holds up to community submissions. The addition of an actual cash-money prize is something I see as a fantastic way to push more creators to innovate/post for our favorite NG holiday, although I think announcing it earlier would have been a better idea, giving everybody a lot more time to put something together. Either way, I'm pretty excited for tomorrow and the surprises it'll bring, hopefully this MD injects some life back into the fandom so we can get back to the good 'ol days of Madness making Newgrounds its bitch.


Cute spoilery doodle by Oddy


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Yeah, Pretty Cool :3

thanks, i spent 2-3 months on my previous movie but i guess it was a broken test so it was worth ignoring :)
for real tho looking at it now it had a shitload of stock sprites and was pretty shit, and besides, it did have "Test" in the name so I guess you had mercy on me by ignoring it

Wait what happened on md17

@General-D it was a war day between the british and the homosapiens a real disaster

OH boi can't wait for Madness:PowerPoint Presentation 2

Let's go.


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