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I'm a hardcore cyberbully who shows no mercy. I can also be the most sincere and thoughtful person you could ever meet. Try your luck.

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Jsoull's News

Posted by Jsoull - April 10th, 2017

5691696_149180093683_MAg.pngJust more stuff for RAID, nothing important.


Posted by Jsoull - March 28th, 2017

5691696_149075757742_OhBoi.pngA public apology for recent events, I love you Gibble-Gobble ;)


Posted by Jsoull - March 23rd, 2017







Oh Boy.

Hello there, fellow Madness animator! As you may or may not be aware of, Djjaner has abandoned ship on making REALM 4's soundtrack, leaving our 'ol buddy Kelzbo in a bit of a pickle. For the sake of keeping this community as salty as possible, I bring forth a grand project for all compotent animators to participate in! To keep things short and sweet, this collab's parts will consist of Kelzad killing Djjaner in a variety of ways, or Djjaner taking the place of standard agents and dying a whole bunch. I will update the charts below as more members join, currently looking for around 12 members to join, each contributing 1 part or more.

I am shooting for a 4th of July deadline at the moment, this may change if everybody finished their parts before then.

Current Members: 22/22 (If you want to join after member cap has been  reached, PM me with your best test and I'll see what I can do)

Jsoull: Parts 1/2

Spots: Parts 1/2

DaskerKS: Parts 0/1

xKirxeee: Parts 2/2

LUNA-PL: Parts 0/?

ShootDaCheese: Parts 0/1

Madnesia19: Parts 1/1

Ratnic8000: Parts 0/1

Grumpy666: Parts 0/1

kRyy17: Parts 0/1

P3M: Parts 0/1

 Kreepah: Parts 0/1

Djjaner: Parts 0/?

SentryTurbo: Parts 1/1

GameMr: Parts 0/1

Armicek: Parts 1/1

Jackson-Siegel: Parts 1/2

Dankon: Parts 0/1

Clee3rd: Parts 0/?

Papabless123: Parts 0/1

DudingDarn: Parts 0/?

Magnum47: Parts 0/?

Awez: Parts 1/?

PikaLight: Parts 0/?




I'd also like to note that this shouldn't be seen as a personal attack on Djjaner at all, I love the guy. Think of this whole thing as an inside joke taken way too far.

UPDATE: I am currently awaiting a test from somebody to see if they are #mlg for the collab. For this, I am temporarily extending the member limit to 14.

UPDATE #2: Due to rather high demand, the member limit has risen once again. A discord server has also been formed for any members who've joined, just PM me your DC details and I can get u in.

UPDATE #3: Holy shit, this got way more support than I could ever imagine. Thanks to everybody who's joined so far, I'll be capping this whole thing at 22 members for now. However, If you REALLY want to join, send me a PM of your best tests and I can see If you'll squeeze in.


Posted by Jsoull - March 3rd, 2017

Hey little boiz! Progress is pretty steady for both Project: RAID and Maxification 2, along with my current includement into Kenamii's collab.  HOWEVER! Here's the deal, Maxification 1 lacked a substanitial amount of actual OC's made by other animators due to my paranoia about them getting #Triggered by using thier OC's, (My fears turned out to be true). BUT, this shameful action on my part must be remidied, through the power for sharing!

If anybody wants thier OC In Maxification 2, just link me a SWF or FLA, (Although I prefer FLA), to his/her sheet along with information as to how you want your precious character to die, or somthing they just do. I have already asked the bulk of popular animators for thier OC's with a 90% sucsess rate. So, think of this as the chance for mid-to-low known animators to have a little spotlight. If you don't want your OC sheet given to anybody else, just PM me the link instead of commenting. Here's a little peak at the current list of Oc's in MAX: 2, however my goal is to add EVERYBODY:



Posted by Jsoull - February 27th, 2017


Pretty fancy eh? (Not really)

Aside from just improvements, I've finally come up with a name for this Agency Faction!


(Agency Against Madness OC's)

Or  "Ammo"  for short ;)

Also just noticed that NG raped the quality of this pic, trying to fix it RN

Posted by Jsoull - February 16th, 2017

Going to the Florida Keys for Presidents' Day weekend. I'm bringing my laptop so I may continue working on my projects. I'll post updates/pics when the need arises. 


Posted by Jsoull - February 11th, 2017

Just a FYI, shit is going down.

I'll give a sit-rep once I can get to my computer.

--------------------SIT - REP--------------------------

Driving Test In 2 Days --> My ID Ain't Where I Left It --> Father starts screaming and smashing shit because I can't find It --> I Search Every Possible Place Twice Over --> Father Gets Extra Pissed (Because that Obviously Helps)  --> Eventually he gets so pissed that he starts breaking even more shit --> Goes to check the places I've already checked twice --> Finds My Id In his car, which I've never even driven once --> Blames me for putting It there.

Posted by Jsoull - February 1st, 2017

5691696_148598920552_Yep..pngHope It looks better than before. I won't be using these for RAID as I've already animated 90% of It with my older ones.

And here's your REALM 4 shit:



Posted by Jsoull - January 16th, 2017

5691696_148461845593_OOOOOOO.png"I'm Back Kiddos!"

Posted by Jsoull - January 1st, 2017