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2017-07-20 03:03:37 by Jsoull


Asset Pack Release

2017-07-08 16:20:49 by Jsoull

Alot of peeps wanted 'em, so here you go.



-SWF (For earlier Flash Versions)-




You don't have to credit me for the Agents/Weapons, just don't steal 'em and say you made 'em.


Betrayal Collab Released!

2017-07-05 18:06:36 by Jsoull

Let's all have some fun.




Thanks to everybody who worked on this!

(Collab is Currently down due to hardcore Cyberbullying)

Blame cyberbullies.

Kelzad's Doppleganger

2017-05-24 21:06:54 by Jsoull

5691696_149567389382_Kelzad3.png"Oh bby"

A special set of Kelzbo's sprites made with love, care, and unending agony. These are based off-of @AvaArtist's drawings, so thanks to her for giving me some references.

Also, thanks to @xKirxeee for making a sword for this set (First one on the left)


Here's her original pic: 5691696_149567404142_image1.png

Look Out, It's Ya Boi Springon

2017-05-20 00:15:14 by Jsoull


Project: RAID promo

2017-04-18 22:28:34 by Jsoull


The Big Reveal!

Sm28 and I have been indoctrinated into the Kool Kids Klub, thus our cooperation is required.


2017-04-10 01:09:32 by Jsoull

5691696_149180093683_MAg.pngJust more stuff for RAID, nothing important.


2017-03-28 23:20:18 by Jsoull

5691696_149075757742_OhBoi.pngA public apology for recent events, I love you Gibble-Gobble ;)


2017-03-23 17:11:40 by Jsoull







Oh Boy.

Hello there, fellow Madness animator! As you may or may not be aware of, Djjaner has abandoned ship on making REALM 4's soundtrack, leaving our 'ol buddy Kelzbo in a bit of a pickle. For the sake of keeping this community as salty as possible, I bring forth a grand project for all compotent animators to participate in! To keep things short and sweet, this collab's parts will consist of Kelzad killing Djjaner in a variety of ways, or Djjaner taking the place of standard agents and dying a whole bunch. I will update the charts below as more members join, currently looking for around 12 members to join, each contributing 1 part or more.

I am shooting for a 4th of July deadline at the moment, this may change if everybody finished their parts before then.

Current Members: 22/22 (If you want to join after member cap has been  reached, PM me with your best test and I'll see what I can do)

Jsoull: Parts 1/2

Spots: Parts 1/2

DaskerKS: Parts 0/1

xKirxeee: Parts 2/2

LUNA-PL: Parts 0/?

ShootDaCheese: Parts 0/1

Madnesia19: Parts 1/1

Ratnic8000: Parts 0/1

Grumpy666: Parts 0/1

kRyy17: Parts 0/1

P3M: Parts 0/1

 Kreepah: Parts 0/1

Djjaner: Parts 0/?

SentryTurbo: Parts 1/1

GameMr: Parts 0/1

Armicek: Parts 1/1

Jackson-Siegel: Parts 1/2

Dankon: Parts 0/1

Clee3rd: Parts 0/?

Papabless123: Parts 0/1

DudingDarn: Parts 0/?

Magnum47: Parts 0/?

Awez: Parts 1/?

PikaLight: Parts 0/?




I'd also like to note that this shouldn't be seen as a personal attack on Djjaner at all, I love the guy. Think of this whole thing as an inside joke taken way too far.

UPDATE: I am currently awaiting a test from somebody to see if they are #mlg for the collab. For this, I am temporarily extending the member limit to 14.

UPDATE #2: Due to rather high demand, the member limit has risen once again. A discord server has also been formed for any members who've joined, just PM me your DC details and I can get u in.

UPDATE #3: Holy shit, this got way more support than I could ever imagine. Thanks to everybody who's joined so far, I'll be capping this whole thing at 22 members for now. However, If you REALLY want to join, send me a PM of your best tests and I can see If you'll squeeze in.